The New Stuff

My First Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

I’ve lusted over a fancy lipstick for so long now that when I went on a recent trip to London I couldn’t resist popping into Selfridges and treating myself to something a little more ‘high end’ – fancy. The counter I gravitated too was the Charlotte Tilbury one with it’s beautiful set up and shiny… Continue reading My First Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

The Favourites

5 Beauty Bits I Couldn’t Live Without

Saying you can’t live without something is a pretty strong statement, (even for a drama queen like me) but I decided to put together my 5 beauty bits that would make my everyday routine that little bit darker if I was to be without them GHDs I’m sure this is a staple on many peoples… Continue reading 5 Beauty Bits I Couldn’t Live Without

The New Stuff

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick – Review

When Rimmel brought out The Only 1 lipstick I was a bit sceptical because there were so many claims around it’s greatness that I just couldn’t believe it was the only one I would ever need. There’s never going to be just one lipstick in my life (variety is the spice of life and all… Continue reading Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick – Review

The Experiments · The Look

A Vogue Idea – The Vogue Beauty Look #1

I treated myself to a Vogue subscription recently so I thought I would create a new series focusing on recreating a look found in the beauty section. High fashion beauty has always fascinated me so I thought this could be fun to try out and, you never know, it might encourage me to create looks… Continue reading A Vogue Idea – The Vogue Beauty Look #1