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The Hunt For The Perfect Mascara

Fairydrops Mascara

Fairydrops MascaraI’m sure it’s not just me but I seem to be on a constant quest to find the perfect mascara. Just like finding the perfect man, they are very hard to come by but, once you have found one you like you really want to keep it.

I am not blessed in the eyelash department (I have the really short, straight and stubby kind) so I have tried them all! The double ended ones, the fake eyelash effect ones, the different brushes, I’ve had the lot. So you can imagine how happy I was when I found a mascara that was perfect AND cheap – I couldn’t believe my luck. It was a little pink, number 17 one that made my lashes super long without being clumpy. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be and the poor little mascara has disappeared off the face of the earth – aka discontinued, boo.

So there I was, back on the hunt! I think a mascara is a desert island must have, a lick of mascara and I can just about be seen in public without looking too ill (or hungover).

I’d heard a lot about the Scandal Queen Fairydrops Mascara in the blogosphere but I thought it would be all hype and no trousers so I resisted temptation for a while. I decided to take a gamble when I was in the Oxford Street Topshop and I am so glad I did! This mascara is my all-time favourite now. It’s not cheap (you can pick it up on Cult Beauty for £18.50) but I’m willing to pay a little more for the perfect match.

The formula of this is really unusual, it’s full of little tiny fibres that add lots of length and make your eyelashes look all dreamy and fluttery; perfect for when I’ve had 5 too many snoozes and I need to be ready in 10 minutes. The curling power of this mascara is great too, it holds a curl all day long and those little magic fibres do not budge!

The packaging is so pretty and the funky 3 bobble wand grabs the lashes and coats every single one. You can really build this up and keep going until you have the length you need (I find 3 coats is bang on for me).

I’ve found my perfect match and I couldn’t be happier. The only slight down side is that it’s a bit of a buggar to get off but that’s nothing a waterproof makeup remover can’t fix!

The hunt is over, yay!

5 thoughts on “The Hunt For The Perfect Mascara

  1. I think I need to try this mascara out now! I’ve heard so much about it and have similar lashes to yourself, so I’m thinking it could be my mascara one-true-love too! I’ve only gotten on with Maybelline’s The Rocket before, which is a great budget option – I reccommend you try it out!

    Off to Cult Beauty I go…

    Great review!

    Becky xo


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