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Top 3 Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes

Affordable Eyeshadow PalettesEyeshadow palettes are my weakness, it’s official. I have always been into eyeshadows ever since I started wearing make up as a teenager. My first make up product was a mint green eyeshadow crayon from the market which I wore everyday – nice. Fast-forward to the present day and the section in my dressing table that I have dedicated to eyeshadows is currently overflowing. What better time to chat through my top 3 affordable palettes.

Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes

The first of the bunch is the Sleek i-Divine palette in Storm. This was my first sleek purchase and I bought it on a whim after hunting for a drugstore red eyeshadow (FYI they don’t exist – hook me up if you’ve found one). The top right colour was the main attraction but I kinda like all of the colours and there’s lots of different looks you can create with this one palette which is a bonus. There tends to be a little fall out but if you conceal afterwards and build the colour up they have a decent amount of staying power.

Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes

Next up is a Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 palette. I heard this was a dupe for the Lorac pro palette and, as I could get hold of one of those, I thought I would take a punt on a cheaper alternative. I have used this so much and I love that each shimmer has a matching matte shade so you can choose which finish you are in the mood for but have any colour you like (I generally have the rule of shiny on the eyes, matte on the lips and vice versa). Of course, this has a red in it too which I have been using a lot and I’ve been loving the taupe colour for an easy day time option.

Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes

The last in the trio is the Collection Eyes Uncovered palette which was a huge surprise. I was recently in boots and only went in for a real techniques beauty sponge (great product by the way) and came out with half of the shop. I dipped my finger into these shadows and they were so soft and pigmented I thought why not splurge £2.99 and give it a go? I’ve found myself picking this up when I want an easy brown base on the eyes with a really bold lip and, for a makeup beginner, it’s a great little palette to add to your collection.

So there you have it, my trio of affordable treats. Can you recommend any other palettes that are great and cheap as chips?

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