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5 Beauty Bits I Couldn’t Live Without

DSCF2599 (4)Saying you can’t live without something is a pretty strong statement, (even for a drama queen like me) but I decided to put together my 5 beauty bits that would make my everyday routine that little bit darker if I was to be without them


I’m sure this is a staple on many peoples list but my hair would be a total mess if I didn’t have these at hand. My hair is neither curly nor straight it just in that in-between, no-mans-land category. Whether I’m straightening, curling or have some messy beach ‘do going on, they are always on hand to help me as soon as they bleep.

Nivea Lip Butter

This a pretty boring entry but oh so true. I used Vaseline a lot once upon a time but felt it made my lips even drier than when I started as it was never actually absorbed into the lips. Now I have been converted to these lip butters and I have one everywhere; in my bedside table, in my makeup bag, in my gym bag, handbag… they’re all over the place. I always put some on before I go to bed (it’s become a ritual of mine) and when I wake up in the morning my lips are always super soft. I forgot to pack some when I went I went away once and I panicked…seriously!

Beauty Sponge

Ever since I have discovered these bad boys I have been hooked. I use the Real Techniques one and my foundation has never looked so flawless. It’s quick and easy but you get the same results every time. Just make it slightly damp so it doesn’t absorb the foundation and start bopping it all over your face – easy peasy.

Colour Rush Balms

It’s hard to pick one but if I had to it would be the pink one – ‘I Want Candy’. These coloured balms are so moisturising and long lasting that I now have 4 colours and counting. They smell of vanilla, but not in a sickly way, and the colour from them is just beautiful. I have gushed about them in this post here – worth a look if you want some moisturising bright lipsticks to add to your stash.

Fairy Drops Mascara

Last but certainly not least is a very recent discovery. I picked up the Fairy Drops Mascara on a recommendation from Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup and I have fallen in love with it. They stock it in the beauty section in the Oxford Street Topshop and on Cult Beauty and, although it’s not cheap, I really like the volumising and curling formula. It’s a bit of a buggar to get off but 3 coats of this mascara and you’re good to go!

Do you have any beauty items that you just couldn’t live without?

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