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Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick – Review

FullSizeRenderWhen Rimmel brought out The Only 1 lipstick I was a bit sceptical because there were so many claims around it’s greatness that I just couldn’t believe it was the only one I would ever need.

There’s never going to be just one lipstick in my life (variety is the spice of life and all that) but these lipsticks have definitely become a staple in my collection. I have only 2 colours; ‘Naughty Nude’ a beige pink kind of colour and ‘Cheeky Coral’ which is a good statement red with an orange undertone.

IMG_3342 (2)

IMG_3343 (2)

The packaging is a bit annoying, I’m not going to lie. It takes some force to pull the lid off so hopefully they will change that at some point but what you get inside (when you get there) is great.

The formula is soft, moisturising and the finish is creamy looking and balm like, nothing too shiny at all. The scent of these is perhaps not for everyone but it I kinda like it. It reminds me a lot of sweets but I can’t put my finger on which kind, this leaves after a while though. Once the lipstick dries down the colour stays in place for a really long time for such a creamy consistency. The sheen may leave but the colour stays put!

The Naughty Nude has become my go to shade when I have lots going on on the eyes or I just fancy something low maintenance that I can slap on without the mirror.

Apart from my little opening issues the packaging is really clean looking. It’s simple with a coloured band going around it that corresponds to the colour – easy for when you are rummaging around in the depths of your handbag!

All in all I think this is a great little purchase, high street makeup is really upping it’s game at the moment.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? It may be time to add a darker colour into the mix next!

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