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Witness The Fitness #1

DSCF2103I’m sorry to say I am part of the cliché that is on the fitness hype this year – I’m determined to keep the resolution though and not have it as just a phase. With this is mind I thought it would be handy to write an update each month to share with you my tips and things that I have found work for me. This will hopefully not only give you a boost if you’re in the same boat but it’ll hold me accountable too. So here it goes.

The Activity I’m Loving

I genuinely like going to the gym, it’s just the getting there and getting ready part I’m not a fan of! Once I’m there I tend to go to a class rather than just hitting the machines because I find it helps motivate me to carry on (plus I love that someone is there to guide you so you don’t have to think too much). My favourite class for a while now has been Body Attack. It’s part of the Les Mills franchise so they do it in lots of different gym but this one is really high intensity with great music to keep you going. When the music’s pumping and I’m jumping around I kind of forget it’s exercise and just have a great time (that’s the key to success – forget you are exercising. You feel amazing after too as it’s pretty hard core so I always give myself a pat on the back!

The Recipes I’m into

DSCF2523 (2)

I think the most difficult thing for me is eating food that’s good for you but also convenient. I love all food so eating healthy is not a problem I just feel like I never have the time to prepare what I want. I’m never ever going to be a morning person so having something ready prepared that I can just grab and go is the best. The recipe I have tried out recently is the ‘Simple Overnight Bircher’ From the Get the Glow book by Madeline Shaw. This book is just beautiful, the photography is stunning and everything just looks so yummy. This breakfast recipe though is easy, it’s made with oats, almond milk and all kinds of goodness so you can make it the night before, it fills you up and it tastes lovely – we’re onto a winner!

Thinking out loud

I’m trying to keep motivated which is not proving too hard at the moment but I’m sure I’m way too near the beginning to have failed yet!

I’m always looking for new activities or recipes to try out, any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Witness The Fitness #1

  1. I definitely feel ya – I actually love going to the gym too!!! After going to the gym makes me feel so energized and accomplished! Good luck to your new year resolution! I know you can do it!


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