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Green With Envy

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I’m quite sure I have all of the colours of the rainbow in my nail varnish collection but the ones that I have been reaching for lately are green ones, strangely enough. Step aside red and pink because I’m keen on the green!

The reasons I like these colours are because they’re vibrant, unusual and, as I wear a lot of black and grey, they add a bit of edge to my outfits. I’ve tried putting green on my toes though and that is just not for me, but fingernails are all good.

I have been loving 2 specific shades. The first is a Kiko one in shade 297 which is definitely a pea green! Not the most versatile of colours but, on the days when I’m wearing a really boring outfit, it makes my nails stand out a lot. The consistency of the polish is really nice, it’s not too watery and just glides nicely on the nail without being too patchy or streaky. I’ve got a lot of time for Kiko actually, I think it’s such an underrated brand that doesn’t get enough air time!

The second colour I’m loving at the minute is a Topshop one on the shade ‘Green Room’. I got this as a gift once and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s an unusual shade and it’s more on the bluey side of green but it looks lovely after a couple of coats (3 is better though if you have some time on your hands). I really enjoy this when I’ve got a lot of writing to do because I’m looking at my hands typing all day so it’s nice to see a pop of colour in the office (is that mega sad??).

What I like about nail varnish (and probably the reason why I have so many of them) is that the beauty rule book goes straight out of the window. If you want to match your red lipstick with a red nail, cool. If you want to go all out and have every nail in a different colour with glitter over the top, go for it!

I’m off to paint my nails green now but first, are there any other great shades that will make me green with envy?

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