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New Year Goals

New Year GoalsWith the New Year comes a fresh start. I’m really in need of some renewed motivation and an all-round kick up the arse! I thought I would put together my 5 aims of the year, not resolutions as such, to make a really positive start to 2016. So here we go…

  1. Look after myself a bit more

This covers lots of things but mainly I want to have a bit more ‘me’ time. Last year I worked a lot of hours and let work take over my life at times, which I really hate because then I feel that my life is passing me by. I want to take more time to look after my skin and hair care too. Rather than having my hair cut when I’m desperate or only colouring my hair when my grey roots are shining for all to see; I just want to look after myself which, in turn, will make me feel lots better!

  1. Get fitter

This comes with number one but when I go to the gym and eat right I feel a trillion times better. I recently had an unfortunate incident when I ripped a skirt because it was way too small (sad face) so that has given me the kick I need to get back to the gym. I am making it my January aim to sign up to Tough Mudder too so that will give me a nice (and scary) goal to work towards and keep me on track.

  1. Cook more

I absolutely love cooking. You won’t see me happier than when I am shopping for food, cooking food, or eating food! Keeping it in line with the healthy vibe though, I recently got 2 new cook books to add to my collection. The first is Get The Glow by Madeline Shaw. This book was a great gift from my lovely team at work. It has a six week guide, lots of meal plans and everything is all natural with no artificial sugars or bad carbs. The photography is stunning too and I will do a full blog post on this book once I’ve got well and truly into it (spoiler alert-it’s looking good!) and share my favourite recipes and tips. The second book I have is Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food. Now, I’m a big Jamie fan and have most of his books, so when he did this one I was all ears. There’s some delicious and different recipes in there and, as with everything Mr Oliver does, it’s all delicious. What’s great about his recipes is that you can log them all on my Fitness Pal too, if your into all that, which makes eating right easy peasy!

  1. Devote some time to blogging

As I mentioned, last year I worked way too much so this year I’m going to focus on putting some great content together for a fabulous year of blogging. Make-up is my first passion but I want to include some high end products into my blog along with some top style tips, fitness bits and bobs and I’ll throw in some foodie inspiration too.

  1. Do more

This is very vague, I know, but I want to do a lot more this year in terms of travelling (home and away), seeing my friends and just generally getting stuck into more activities. Last year I climbed the highest mountain in England, Scafell Pike, with my two best friends. It was such a fun trip so it’s definitely on the agenda to do a lot more things like that!

Phew… that was a biggie!

I’m feeling really positive for the New Year and would love to hear what you guys are doing too in 2016. Bring it on!

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