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Purple Rain

Purple Make-upSometimes a little bit of purple can turn an everyday makeup look into one with a bit of pow!

With the cold weather now well and truly here the deep tones are running through my wardrobe and I’m increasingly relying on a good old black number when I can’t be bothered to think about my outfit. When I want to add a pop of colour and look girly without being sickly sweet then purple is my go to shade.

Purple Make-up

A lipstick that I turn to time and time again is a Matte Topshop one in ‘Straight Ace’. This is such a vibrant purple and it’s more on the blue side than red (not great for making your teeth look white, granted) but every time I wear it someone always comments on how great and unusual it looks. It really stands out but, as with all Matte style lip colours you need to make sure your lips are velvety soft before applying otherwise those cracked lips are going to be magnified 10 fold – ain’t nobody got time for that! What I do every night without fail is apply a generous amount of the Nivea Lip Butter then in the morning my lips are super soft and look great with any lip product. That stuff has become my religion, seriously.

Purple Make-up

Another purple beauty that I’m in love with right now is a Leighton Denny Nail Varnish in the colour ‘Drama Queen’. The name says it all (and my mum would probably say this was me down to a T), it creates a bit of drama whilst being lady like all at the same time. It’s metallic in finish and the shine on these nail varnishes is to die for – I rave about them all the time so I won’t go on again.

Next on my shopping list is a deep, yet not too bright, purple eyeshadow. Have you been getting on the purple lip train?

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