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Nude Nail Varnish: Leighton Denny Vs Topshop

Nail VarnishI’m a sucker for nail varnish. It’s such a cheap pick me up and, from looking at my humongous collection, it’s fair to say have had many pick me ups. I always have my nails painted so I can kinda justify my collection but I certainly don’t need anymore (there’s always seems to be room for one more though).

Two of my favourite brands top my list for very different reasons.

The first is Leighton Denny which I have gushed about here but, in a nutshell, they are long lasting, the formula is great and the seasonal collections they do are just beautiful. I would describe these as a classy nail brand and something that feels a little more of a treat when you buy one.

The second is Topshop nail varnishes. The staying power is not as great but the colours are so on trend that I can never resist a purchase when I’m in the shop (or just in the general area for that matter).

I decided to put them head to head to see how they would compete. I tried to find 2 similar colours in my collection and keep the test fair; 2 coats of the colour and the same topcoat from a completely different brand (in this instance it’s a Seventeen one). The colours I opted for were light nudes so something that would be very wearable with any outfit.

When I first applied them both they weren’t very opaque but after the second coat they were just about right; I would have probably gone for coat number three if I had more time. The Leighton Denny one is super glossy even before the top coat so if you wanted to leave it there you could. After the top coat they were both looking really shiny so the next test was drying time.

The Topshop nail varnishes definitely have a thicker formula so they tend to take longer to dry but with a bit of wafting my hands around they were both touch dry in about 15 minutes.

For me, the proof is in the wear time. Topshop only lasted a couple of days before the chips started to show but Leighton lasted nearly a week before it started to look shabby.

Overall Topshop are great for cool colours that are on point for a night out but for every day wear Leighton Denny wins hands down!

Have you tried a nail varnish with the best staying power? I could maybe squeeze another colour into the stash!

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