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A Sleek Discovery

Sleek Eyeshadow PaletteI love that feeling you get when you discover something new and absolutely love it. If it’s really affordable too it makes the find even sweeter.

A brand that has done this for me recently is Sleek. I think the quality of what you get for your money is great and the colour range is so varied which is good if you want something a little different from the standard brown tones (although they do some fab neutrals too).

I’ve got 3 in my collection at the moment but I suspect there will be some more additions soon.

The first one is the i-Divine palette in Storm

Sleek Eyeshadow PaletteThis was the palette that started me off on the Sleek love train. I was on the hunt for a red eyeshadow but couldn’t find a single one in Boots until I got my hands on this palette. I think it’s a really good variety pack because it’s got a couple of matte browns but then on the other end of the scale it’s got a deep emerald green and rich red which look great when you want to crack out a smoky eye.

The next addition to the collection was The Gold Standard i-Lust palette.

Sleek Eyeshadow Palette I was drawn to this because of its shimmery selection of gold tones and I thought the deep purple and orange colours were both really unusual. Confession – the 2 cream eyeshadows in this kit don’t have the best staying power BUT it’s definitely worth giving this one a go just for the powder shades. I recently used this pallet for a Christmas party make-up look and it went down a treat!

My latest addition (it certainly won’t be the last) is the Midsummers Dream eye and cheek palette.

Sleek Eyeshadow Palette I don’t actually use one of the cheek colours for my cheeks (top left on the picture) because I think it looks amazing on the eyes instead. It was the cheek colours that drew me to this one and I’ve got so much use out of it. When I next go away I’ll pack this because it’s got some everyday eyeshadows, a deep purple with a red shimmer running through it and that cheek colour that I’m in love with!

So that’s the collection so far. Sleek always seem to bring out new products so I’ll be keeping my eye out for the next addition to the gang. I’ve gotta say, for the price of these the quality of these are just fab.

Have you tried anything from Sleek? What should I try next?

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