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2 Amazing Collection Beauty Buys

Collection BeautyCollection, as a brand, are smashing it at the moment. They have really gone up in my estimations from the Collection 2000 days and the new releases they have at the moment are on point.

I thought I would run you through a couple of items that I have got my paws on recently and have turned into staple pieces in my make-up bag.

The first is a cult classic (drum roll please), the Lasting Perfection Concealer. I have the lightest shade and the consistency of this is so good. I thought it would be one of those overhyped products but it really is that good. The finish is great, not too matte or shiney, and has lots of coverage without looking like you’ve plastered a tonne of makeup on – it really is a little gem.

So, after my happy concealer purchase I was ready to give some other stuff a go too. I picked up the #BlushAndGlow palette because I was in the market for a new blusher and bronzer so for less than a fiver I was willing to take a punt on it.

Collection Beauty

Firstly, everything in the palette is super pigmented so you need to be light with the brush but with a little bit of blending you can achieve some really pretty looks. I think I was expecting these to overly sparkly but the finish on them is beaut.

There’s a bronzer which I use as a contour shade to give a bit of oomph to the old cheek bones and then there is a pretty highlighter which is really subtle and glowy. The two blush colours are quite similar but there’s a dusky rose colour and then a slightly more shimmery peachy pink; both look amazing for every day looks.

The thing about the cheaper brands is that you can afford to try things out and not feel too guilty if they don’t turn out as you expect. I totally believe that the packaging adds a lot onto the price tag of some high end brands. Don’t get me wrong I love a luxurious product, especially for gift, but if it’s just for everyday use there’s plenty of budget beauty brands out there which are really bringing their ‘A’ game right now.

Are there any other Collection products that I should add into the mix?

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