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A Disappointing NARS Palette

DSCF2123 (2)DSCF2130 (2)My love for eye shadow palettes continues to grow and, as part of my quest to find some gorgeous red tones eyeshadows, I thought it was time to take a look at NARS. Their NARS X Steven Klein Limited edition Dead of Summer Palette caught my beady eye and I knew I just had whack out my bank card and get involved!

I have heard lots of great mentions of NARS in the blogging world so I thought I would take a punt on this palette. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive so when it did my expectations were so high that perhaps I was doomed for disappointment.

I dived in and swatched it straight away (I’d not even made it out of the hallway at this point) but I have to say I was very underwhelmed by what I found. In the pan, the colours look great. They’re shiny vibrant and the packaging is to die for (dead of summer…get it!) but, when I smushed my fingers into the colours, they pay off just wasn’t as great as I’d hoped – even when applied wet.

Don’t get me wrong, the formula is really nice and they are so soft to the touch but the colour you get is kind of dull and doesn’t give the shine that I thought they would. Let me talk you through the kit:

‘Studly’ is a light yellow gold and it’s not too over the top but would work really nice as an addition to a neutral eye. ‘Stag Film’ is a bronze kind of colour with a bit more pigment and shine. ‘Subra’ is the one that I was most looking forward to but the vibrancy is just not quite there for me; when applied, it looks like more of a purple/black tone. The last shade is ‘Blackmail’ which is a deep, almost matte, black. You also get a mini black eyeliner which has a really soft texture. It’s super pigmented and last all day long.

All in all I’m a bit gutted but I will definitely keep trying it and work it into my collection somehow. The packaging is just too damn pretty to let it go!

I’m not abandoning the old NARS ship just yet though – is there something else I must try?

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