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A Nice L’Oreal Palette

DSCF1979 (2)DSCF1987 (2)I’m having such a moment for palettes; eye, cheek, lip – I love them all! The choice of colours, beautiful packaging and all round handy-to-travel-with size is making me want to constantly add to my collection.

One that I bought a while ago but thought I would give a quick mention now is the L’Oreal Color Riche La Palette Nude of which I have the Rose edition. I was drawn to it mainly because of the pinky/lilac tones within it and it’s something that I don’t really have much of in my collection. It really is shimmer brown central in there!

It’s a nice pallet and a cheaper alternative to the Urban Decay Naked ones (especially number two which is full of pinky goodness) but the colours don’t quite pay off in the way that I would like them to. A wash of colour for a subtle look, yes. An explosion of luxurious mauve, no.

If I slap a bit of primer on I can build the colour up a bit but, for me (a fan of a strong eye shadow), the level of pigment is not quite hitting the mark. As the title suggests it’s nice…but that’s about all. If you like a good old matte option on the eye or you’re a makeup newbie then this palette would be a good one to try because there’s not much shimmer to be seen and you can’t really mess it up.

As always, the brush is pants but the skinny packaging makes it perfect to carry around if you want a natural eye with a pinky undertone on the go. My favourite colour in the palette is definitely the rusty orange one (fourth from the left). It may seem scary at first but I managed to work it into a really pretty natural look here.

Has anyone tried the beige version of this?


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