The Favourites

Pamper Time!

DSCF2163When my skin is looking a bit clogged and spotty I always reach for a clay mask to drag the dirt out and leave my face feeling fresh and looking radiant.

My absolute favourite now is the and I usually use it about twice a week. Some may find the formula a bit weird but I’m obsessed with it – it blows my mind!

It’s really thick and dark grey in colour but the fun really begins when you start to massage it in. As soon as you begin to move it around it becomes really warm and it’s such a strange feeling to feel something go from cold to hot in seconds. It only takes 5 minutes for it to do it’s magic and during that time the warmth opens up your pores and you can really see it working and lifting the grotty dirt from your face. If you have more of a combination skin, like me, it’s fine to just use on the T-zone or any areas that you feel are clogged and greasy.

After washing it off with a warm cloth your face feels refreshed and purified as if it’s had a deep clean; it’s such a nice feeling. Be sure to give your skin a good moisturise afterwards though because this mask will suck the moisture right out of your skin. I like the Estee lauder Day Wear one which, for me, is just moisturising enough without being too thick or greasy.


What is your go to skin rescue product?

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