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A Surprisingly Nice Pallete

DSCF2193DSCF2186On my last trek to Boots, I was on a mission for a red eyeshadow. I was tempted by some of the more expensive ones from MAC but I really wanted to see if I could find a cheaper alternative.

The difference between drug store and high end beauty for me is the range of colour and adventurous products; there’s always a much better selection among the more expensive brands. Drug store brands are great at the basics (I’m a big ambassador for drug store mascaras) but sometimes you just want something a bit more exciting.

On my expedition I couldn’t find any single red eyeshadow, mineral or otherwise, until I stumbled on a pallet from Sleek Make-up. I have never before bought anything from this range as I assumed from the price that the quality would be pants; even though my friends told me otherwise. As I sifted through the different sets, I really liked the look of the i-Divine Pallet in Storm.

This pallet has a really good variety of colours in it from a light nude brown to a dark emerald green. There are 3 mattes and 9 shimmers and it’s more on the darker side so it’s a bit of a dressy pallet I would say but, to be honest, I’m up for shimmer any day of the week! Rather than glittery, the shimmer shades are more foil-like when they are on the lid and the actual texture was so surprising; they are soft with lots of pigment in them. My favourite colour is the dark red (top right) and this is just what I was looking for. The best bit was the price, at only £7.99 it’s hard not to want to give this a try.

The packaging is a bit cheap and gets very dirty quite easily but, for the price, I would definitely go back for another look.

I really love eyeshadow pallets at the moment, I may have accidently on purpose just bought a limited edition NARS eyeshadow pallet so I will get my paws into that as soon as it arrives and report back!

What other pallets do I completely need to feed my addiction?

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