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A Crush on Colour Rush

DSCF1896 (2)

DSCF1909 (2)I have had a huge love of matte lipsticks recently but please welcome into the arena a massive new favourite of mine!

For me these new Colour Rush lip crayons from Rimmel have everything my heart yearns for. They have a fab colour range, they’re moisturising, they last for ages (even when I’m stuffing my face) AND they smell amazing!

I first picked up the bright pink ‘I love candy’ which is a cool toned, bright pink and I couldn’t stop raving about it. When I got to work so many people said, ‘Oh my god what lipstick have you got on?’, must be a winner ay? I’m not scared to admit that I am mega lazy so I can’t be bothered with the whole applying lipstick again and again so by lunchtime when the colour was still there I was pleasantly surprised.

So let’s talk about the finish. It’s quite shiny, but in a balm kind of way, and because it’s in a crayon form it’s really easy to get it neat and not all over your face. The shine does fade after a couple of hours but the colour stays on really well so, for a lip product in the glossy kind of category, this gets a massive thumbs up from me. The main thing that puts me off glossy lip colours normally, aside from the re-application malarkey, is the fact that they always feel so sticky. Not with this bad boy though, the formula is just perfect for an everyday product.

It’s no surprise that I had to get another 2 from the collection and to be honest I think I will eventually have to own the whole set. I picked up ‘Drive me nude’ for a brown slash slightly pink nude which goes with absolutely everything and then ‘All you need is pink’ which isn’t really pink it’s more of a letterbox red with a raspberry tinge to it.

So as you can see I don’t really have anything bad to say about these at all, did I mention they smell amazing?!

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