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Let’s Get Naked….. Finally

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It’s taken me a long time to get here but I’ve finally made it… I’m on the Urban Decay Naked-palette-bandwagon. I know, I know it’s been out forever but I just wanted to wait until the time was right (or I had enough spare cash to buy it).

I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. I was actually worried that it would be over hyped and not live up to the glory, but I was wrong. I opted for the original Naked Palette and the colours are beautiful. The pallette has all of the neutral brown-y tones you could ever wish for, from daytime mattes to super shiny deep chocolates for date night.

I am certainly not an Urban Decay virgin, when I was younger (I’m talking 17 and working in McDonalds) I was absolutely in love with their glitter eyeliners – the more glittery the better. I think I nearly had them all and at £11 a pop I have no idea how I afforded it; I certainly couldn’t justify buying them all now. I’m not a glitter addict any more and I don’t think I could pull off a glitter flick these days *sad face* but I can’t bring myself to through them away, they just look so pretty!

Anyway (I got a bit carried away there), back to the palette. I really love it and it’s become a proper staple in my collection, it makes my morning routines that little bit better and the prospect of sitting in a cold office all day doesn’t seem quite as depressing if I’m rocking a ‘Toasted’ eyeshadow. All of the colours are amazing. They are really pigmented and are so soft they just glide onto the lid. What I thought was a nice touch was the fact that you got 4 samples of the different eyeshadow primers they do too, which work a treat. I might do a little experiment actually to see how much of a difference a primer actually makes – watch this space!

If there was any negatives at all I would say that I’m not a fan of the ‘Sidecar’ shade because the glitter just goes all over your face and will not budge. (It’s no surprise that I had a singular pot of this during my glitter phase!)

So all in all a great pallet. Oh, and the brush is not half bad either.

Tell me, are you in love with the Naked Palette as much as I am?

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