When the rain came

IMG_2560When you go on holiday abroad you always expect to experience glorious sunshine every single day. I went to Ibiza in the middle of August so I wasn’t expecting any rain whatsoever. Oh how wrong I was!

We only went for a week but for the last 3 days there was rain and plenty of it. The locals told us that the storm season is usually in September but this year they had come early which was not great for my tanning mission. The rain just did not stop and the streets were like rivers. Don’t get me wrong it was still really warm, in fact it was very muggy and at least I wasn’t at work, but I was willing the sun to come out so badly so I could carry on basking in the rays.

On our last day the morning was beautiful so we decided to risk it and visit the famous Hippy Market in Es Canar. We caught the ferry and sailed on round the island with our last few euros to spend on trinkets and goodies from the market.

We were there!

When we arrived we were not disappointed. The smell of incense (and other suspicious substances) was in the air and there were a vast array of beautiful handmade bits and bobs on the stalls. We did get lost a couple of times in the maze of it all but that was part of the fun!

Trinkets galore!
Couldn’t resist these bad boys
Even more trinkets and bits and bobs
Plenty of sequins an shiny materials
Everywhere you looked there were beautiful materials

The market opens from 10am until about 8pm but the best time to go is first thing because it starts to get a little crowded at lunch time. It was a great experience and something I would definitely recommend if you go to Ibiza for your jollys!

Have you ever been rained off on holiday?

Ok, Bye!

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