Woah, We’re Going to Ibiza!

DSCF1681Well technically I have already been and gone but I wanted to tell you about my trip to the island and how beautiful it was.

It was my first holiday with my best friend Becky, we have been mates since starting uni and in the the whole 9 years we have know each other it was our first holiday, talk about taking our time!

We were originally going to Tunisia but when it all kicked off we changed it to  Ibiza and i have to say I’m very glad we did. We stayed in a lovely hotel in Santa Eulalia which, for us, was the perfect mix of beautiful surroundings and night life. Now I’m not going to lie, there were a lot of old couples but the atmosphere was great with lovely bars on the marina and some amazing restaurants in the town centre.

On our second day it was my 27th birthday so we decided to go for it and get some clubbing in. We managed to get some tickets to see Fatboy Slim in Space and I have to say the whole night was epic. I have never felt so euphoric it was like every club I have ever been to, mixed together and on steroids. It was unreal, totally a birthday to remember. We were within touching distance and everything! Unfortunately we have no pictures at all because didn’t take anything apart from a key and money stuffed down our bra, I wanted to rave it up big style!

After that we obviously had a hangover day but we had arranged a tour for a couple of days later. I was so unprepared for how beautiful the island was and as we drove around the island we soaked up all of the history and sights Ibiza had to offer.

We had a whistle stop tour of Ibiza Town, San Antonio (complete dive, sorry guys!), Portinatx and Puerto San Miguel which was my personal favourite and absolutely stunning. Here’s a few piccies from our little tour but I haven’t got very many as I was too busy enjoying my self and stuffing my face.

lovely little port near the salt planes
Little resort of Portinatx
Little resort of Portinatx
A private island, kinda looks like a bond house!
cave in San Miguel, learnt about all the smugglers here.
What a beautiful view at Puerto San Miguel

This post is getting a little long now so I will save the rest for the next post.

Have you been anywhere beautiful recently?

Ok, Bye!

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